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Pectopexy: A Sacrocolpopexy Alternative for Patients with Colonic Pathology (Spanish)

Video Presenter: John Heusinkveld, MD


  • Veronica Winget, MD
  • Kenneth Hatch, MD
*This video is presented entirely in Spanish.
This video discusses some of the relative contraindications to sacrocolpopexy in patients with colonic pathology, and how the novel mesh suspension technique Pectopexy can achieve similar outcomes without placing mesh in proximity to the colon.
A narrated surgical video is presented using footage from a patient who severe diverticulosis who underwent Pectopexy, as well as a patient who underwent sacrocolpopexy using cadaveric fascia and experienced a recurrence.
Clinical Relevance
Mesh sacrocolpopexy is widely accepted as the gold standard operation for apical prolapse, with over 50 years of cumulative experience and millions of operations worldwide; however, a subset of patients have contraindications to sacrocolpopexy, and an emerging body of evidence indicates that Pectopexy can achieve similar results in many of these patients.
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