2024 AUGS Coding Webinar Series
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This webinar series will focus on vital changes impacting your reimbursement in 2024 including a detailed exploration of the new CPT and HCPCS codes, including Category III codes for Tibial Nerve Stimulation, and other changes to codes in the treatment of urinary incontinence. Join the AUGS Coding and Reimbursement Committee for a detailed exploration of the new CPT and HCPCS codes and high-level review of all pertinent billing changes in 2024.

Registration Fee:

AUGS Members: $95
Non-Members: $145

Registration fees include access to both webinars in the series. A recording will be available for those who are unable to attend the live webinars.

Wednesday, Feburary 7, 2024, at 7 pm Eastern
Speaker -
Mark Painter | Physician Reimbursement Systems (PRS) Consulting / AUGS Coding Today  
Moderator -
Charles D. Thompson, MD, FACOG | Chair, AUGS Coding and Reimbursement Committee | Texas Tech University Health Science Center 

There are several new CPT codes for 2024, including Category III codes for Tibial Nerve Stimulation and other changes to codes in the treatment of urinary incontinence. During this webinar, we will explore these new Category III codes and provide guidance on appropriate documentation and associated reimbursement pathways, along with how to work with Medicare and other payers when billing.

Topics include:

  • How to document and bill a Category III code to payers, including where to go for physician payment information and how to work with the payer to obtain coverage for a service with a Category III code.
  • Documentation for new patient management CPT Codes issued by Medicare as they continue to shift reimbursement to focus on long term patient relationships and preventive healthcare.
  • Preview of other relevant 2024 code changes that will be discussed more in-depth during Part 2.

This webinar is supported by an Independent Medical Education Grant from BlueWind Medical.
Wednesday, March 13, 2024, at 7 pm Eastern
Stephanie Molden, MD, FPMRS | Owner/Founder The Female Pelvic Health Center & Surgicare Associates
Fareesa Khan, MD | Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL
Charles D. Thompson, MD | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Moderator - Jameca Price, MD | The University of Oklahoma-Tulsa

This specialized session covers the intricacies of the new G2211 and pelvic exam add-on code for billing by urogynecologists. We will review real world scenarios providing practical solutions and facilitating a dynamic Q&A session. Whether you're a seasoned coder or new to the field, this session is designed to enhance your proficiency, ensuring precise representation of services described by new 2024 CPT codes. Participants will have the opportunity to have their coding questions answered.
  • Doug Thompson (Chair)
  • Jameca Price (Vice Chair)
  • Board Liaison: Matt Barker
  • Rebecca Batladen
  • Ashley Carroll
  • Sarah Collins
  • Yanghee Courbron
  • Jessica Harroche
  • Fareesa Kahn
  • Mamta Mamik
  • Stephanie Molden
  • Gnankang Napoe
  • Mitch Schuster
  • Nemi Shah
  • Azin Shahryarinejad
  • Mitch Schuster (Advisor)
  • Marc Toglia (Advisor)
  • Scott Poehlmann (Advisor)
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