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Diagnosis and Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis/ Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS) – A Phenotype Driven Approach_On-Demand
Vulvar and Perineal Anatomy with Clinical Applications (On-Demand)
Visibility and Accessibility: Why vNOTES Makes Sense in My Practice (On-Demand)
Urinary Incontinence Essentials for Primary Care
Cystoscopy Pathology (On-Demand)
Sexuality in the Aging Female
Vulvar and Perineal Anatomy with Clinical Applications
Highlights from Beyond Urogynecology: Clinical Pearls for Best Practice
Minimally Invasive Repair of Genitourinary Fistulas (On-Demand)
Accidental Bowel Leakage: An Update on Evaluation and Treatment (On-Demand)
Starting a Peripartum Pelvic Floor Disorders Clinic: Why and How (On-Demand)
Diagnosis and Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis/ Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS) – A Phenotype Driven Approach
Medicine and Social Media
Simulations in FPMRS Education (One-Demand)
2023 Urogynecology for the Advanced Practice Provider (Enduring)
Exposures, Infections, and Obstructions - Avoiding mesh complications in Urogynecology (On-Demand)
Common but Complex Cases in Female Pelvic Health (On-Demand)
Social Media and Medicine
Tis the Season for Good Laxation: How to More Effectively Treat Individuals with Chronic Constipation (On-Demand)
Functional Anatomy of the Lower Urinary System (On-Demand)
A Day in Vulva Clinic (On-Demand)
Pelvic Floor Musculoskeletal Assessment for Medical Practitioners Workshop
Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy and Sacrocolpopexy
All Things Pessaries Workshop
The Ins and Outs of RVU's
Geriatric Considerations for Women with Urinary Incontinence and LUTS
Statistics for Clinicians - Nov. 2020 Webinar
Robotic Sacrocolpopexy: Relevant Anatomy Complications Management
Show Me the Quality
Urodynamic Evaluation of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
Robotic Surgical Training for Residents and Fellows
Pessary Fitting, Follow-up and Management of Complications
The Patient Experience: CGCAHPS and Physical Communication
Global Health: Components of Ethical Work
Anorectal Manometry: Concepts, Indications and Implications
Female Pelvic Reconstruction and The Role of Buccal Mucosal Graft
Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction
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Gender Affirmation Surgery: The Role of Urogynecologist
Developing the Urogynecology Team: How to Incorporate Advanced Practice Providers
Surgical Management of the Constricted or Obliterated Vagina
Scientific Committee Imaging (MRI)
The Use of Biologic Grafts in Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Essentials of Pelvic Floor Ultrasound in Pelvic Floor Disorders
A Gynecologist's Role in Identifying and Responding to Human Trafficking
If Nail = Hammer…Does Prolapse = Hysterectomy? The Role for Uterine
Volunteerism and FPMRS: Expanding Your Career
Vulvar Disorders for the Urogynecologist
The Sacrospinous Ligament Fixation: Classical Apicial Support with a Great Future
Urogynecology Coding in the New Age
UTIs: Evaluation, Evidence and Experience
AUGS FPMRS Webinar Series (Archive)
Integrative Medicine Meets Urogynecology: A Current Review
Evaluation and Management of Lower Urinary Tract Injury
Another UTI?!: Management of Recurrent UTIs in Non-pregnant Women
Pelvic Physical Therapy-What Really Happens Down There?
Year 3 of the Quality Payment Program: Do You Know How to Avoid a 7 % Penalty to Your Medicare Reimbursements?
Optimizing Outcomes: Avoiding Complications in Robot-assisted Surgery
Overactive Bladder in Older Women
Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries and Rectovaginal Fistula Repair: What’s the Best Approach for Repair?
Urogynecology Office Practice: Practical Tips for Success
Vaginal Repair of Lower Urinary Tract Fistula
Teaching in the Operating Room
Fellows Webinar - Common Vulvar Dermatoses: Evaluation and Management (On-Demand)
Voiding Dysfunction after SUI Surgery
Conundrums in Urethral Diverticula
Establishing a Productive Resident Research Program
Finding Efficiencies and Enjoying My Practice
Trouble Shooting Sacral Neuromodulation
Pelvic Floor Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: Etiologies, Associated Symptoms, and Strategies for Assessment
The Use of Flaps in Vaginal Reconstruction
Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy: Tips & Tricks
Why Aren't My Laxatives Working? A Primer On the Role of The Pelvic Floor In the Development of Chronic Constipation
Improving Native Tissue Repair Success using new Biomechanical Principles
Value Based Care
Gender Affirmation Surgery (On-Demand)
How Physiatry and Urogyn Interconnect (On-Demand)
Fundamentals of Urogynecology 2022 (On-Demand)
Male and Female Genital Microbiome (On-Demand)
The Business Side of FPMRS Practice (On-Demand)
Making Your SoMe ‘So You’: Getting Started With Professional Social Media (On-Demand)
Congenital Genito-urinary Anomalies and the Role of the Urogynecologist (On-Demand)
The Urethra: What We Know and How Much We Don't (On-Demand)
The Good, The Bad, The Internet: Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (On-Demand)
Fellows Webinar: Updates in Uterine-Preserving Surgery (On-Demand)
Pessary 101 (Industry - Edition)
AUGS Practice and Salary Survey - 2021 Report
Incorporating Pelvic Floor Ultrasound into your practice (on-demand)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: Clinical Prediction Models and Decision-making in FPMRS(On-Demand)
Statistics for Clinicians (On-Demand)
Business Side of Medicine Live Course 2023
Transitioning Into Private Practice (On-Demand)
Fellows Webinar:Utilizing Big Data to Build Academic Success in Urogynecology (On-Demand)
Neurologic Perspective: Female Sexual Dysfunction (On-Demand)
Fellows Webinar: Interstitial Cystitis: Simple Tips to Manage a Difficult Condition (On-Demand)
Combined rectopexy and sacrocolpopexy for multi compartment pelvic floor prolapse: better outcomes?
Cystoscopy Pathology
Minimally Invasive Repair of Genitourinary Fistulas
Simulation in FPMRS Education
Lower-Urinary Tract Injury and Management (On-Demand)
Fellows Webinar: Panel of Recent Graduates - Academic, Private & Hybrid (On-Demand)
AUGS Webinar (Industry Edition): Medtronic InterStim™ Therapy: Remarkable Legacy, Bright Futures; Fellows Horizion (On-Demand)
2021 PFD Week Meeting Evaluation
2021 Program Director Evaluation
2021 PFD Week Workshop Evaluations
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: The Nature and Impact of Racial Disparities in Urogynecology (On-Demand)
Your Five Year Plan: An Interactive Workshop on Setting AND Meeting Your Goals (On-Demand)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: PUBLISHING YOUR RESEARCH: How to Write a Scientific Manuscript (On-Demand)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: Health Services Research (On-Demand)
The Medical History of OB/GYN (On-Demand)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: Sponsorship: Helping to Advance Early Career Physicians (On-Demand)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: The Role of Urodynamics in FPMRS On Demand
Do you want to keep your uterus? Hysteropexy: techniques, outcomes and patient preferences On-Demand
A Novel Approaches to Pelvic Reconstruction - Film Festival
Understanding Physician Employment Contracts (On-Demand)
Leading With Your Best Self: Leveraging the Internet & the Power of Social Media (On-Demand)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: Axonics and Evolution in Sacral Neuromodulation (On-Demand)
Urogynecology for the Advanced Practice Provider 2023 Course Evaluation (Virtual)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: Clinical Management of Mesh Complications (On-Demand)
AUGS Webinar (Industry Edition): The PureWick System: An Innovative Solution for Women with Urinary Incontinence On Demand
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: How to Incorporate Pelvic Floor Ultrasound into your Practice (On-Demand)
Mind the Quality Chasm. Implementing Quality Improvement Methods in Practice (On-Demand)
Coding for Your Urogynecology Practice: Surgical and Office-based Procedures
Health Disparities in FPMRS (On-Demand)
AUGS at Home Workshop Series - Spring 2021
Thinking about the Road Ahead and Incorporating Medical Education into the Journey (On-Demand)
AUGS Coding Webinar
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: The Role of FPMRS in Global Health: Going Beyond - The Hole in Wall (On-Demand)
AUGS Webinar (Industry Edition): Experts Sharing Ideas on the Management of Challenging SUI and POP Patients (On-Demand)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: Urogynecologic Disease in the Morbidly Obese Patient (On-Demand)
Early Career Research Leadership Program: Navigating NIDDK Funding (On-Demand)
Early Career Research Leadership Program: Kick Off and Introduction (On Demand)
Early Career Research Leadership Program: Navigating NIA Funding (On Demand)
Navigating NICHD Funding (On-Demand)
AUGS Webinar (Industry Edition): Transforming Sacral Neuromodulation: Improving Patient and Physician Experience with the Axonics System (On-demand)
AUGS Fellowship dVSC/Burch Virtual Robotic Training Webinar
Urogynecology Self-Assessment
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: The Surgeon: Learner and Educator (On-Demand)
AUGS FPMRS Webinar: Voiding Dysfunction after SUI Surgery
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